Bad Weather, Awesome Neighbors

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I had planned to dive back into blogging this weekend, but Mother Nature had another idea. Friday’s tornado ripped through my Ferguson neighborhood with a vengeance, causing extensive damage to trees, houses, cars and power lines.

A big ol’ cherry tree fell on my roof, while an even bigger walnut tree ripped off gutters and a small section of my house. Thankfully no one was injured, and I’m feeling nothing but gratitude today.

I’m so fortunate that the damage was not worse. I’m also incredibly lucky to have the most amazing, generous neighbors anyone could ever hope for!

So often, buyers focus on finding the right house when what’s really important is the community where the house is located. Having a super cool pad is great but what really adds value to a home is knowing that you’re surrounded by caring, kind people who will have your back (and a chainsaw!) when you need it.

That’s why today, even though I’m still without power and I get to spend the afternoon with my insurance rep, I am nothing but thankful. I’ll be back to blogging as soon as I can…

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