Mixed emotions & good news from Ferguson

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Well, I’ve sat down to write this post numerous times now but the words never seem to come out. Over the past two months in Ferguson, I’ve experienced anger, sadness, fear and a whole host of other emotions that will probably take a very long time to sort out. I have loved this community for 15 years and truly put my heart and soul into it, so the ongoing events here are more devastating than I can really express.

I know many consider me a vocal advocate for North County, and I usually am. I also know a lot of people are eager to hear my take on what’s happening in Ferguson. All I will say on this blog is that I am immensely proud of my fellow residents who have banded together to support our businesses and neighborhoods. In the face of non-peaceful protests and sometimes even direct personal threats, they have stepped forward with LOVE and reminded me that Ferguson is home to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known in my life.

Since day one, the media has fanned the flames of unrest here and portrayed our community in a way that is simply not complete or accurate. I won’t get into specifics but I will say that their predicted demise of our real estate market has fallen flat on its face.

Just this week, I sold the gorgeous home above for $150,000! Elsewhere in Ferguson, ten other homes sold in the past month, including one for $177,000 and another for $190,000! So don’t believe everything you hear!

As for me, I have scaled back my hours a bit to deal with some logistical/safety issues. Also to maintain my sanity. But I will be back to regular blogging very soon, and I definitely appreciate your patience and support! Many thanks! :))


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