I see a house on your blog that I absolutely love. Should I call you, Shannon, or contact the listing agent? 

I'd be thrilled if you called me, of course! But the honest answer is that you have several choices. You can call me, call another buyer's agent, or contact the listing agent who is selling the house.

In Missouri, it's legal for a realtor to represent both buyer and seller. But as I explain in this post, I am a strong proponent of using a buyer's agent. That's the only way to ensure that your interests are fully represented, and most of the time it costs you nothing out of pocket. (Sellers usually pay commissions.)

I happen to work with both buyers and sellers, so I can offer you a balanced perspective on the process. If you'd like more info on any house featured here on the blog, contact me at (314) 359-5927 or shannon@STLhomeswithsoul.com. There's no commitment until we mutually agree to work together.

I clicked one of the links for more info on a specific property and it was dead or outdated. What does that mean?

Well, it probably means the house is sold already. But it could also be an expired or cancelled listing that's potentially still available for purchase. If you come across a dead link, let me know and I can give you a status update on the property.

Do you charge for featuring a property on STL Homes with Soul?

No. This may come as a surprise to many of my fellow realtors, but I don't charge anything, nor do I expect any kind of referral fees. My goal is to simply provide a fun resource for people who appreciate unique real estate, and if any of those readers happen to choose me as their agent, great!

Why are some of the photos blurry?

No offense to my real estate colleagues, but I can't believe how careless and incompetent some agents are when it comes to photography. Blurry photos, low-resolution cell phone pics, odd angles that only show an outlet, nighttime photos with a glaring flash - I see these every single day and I'm honestly embarrassed for the people who take them. But if I find a cool house on the MLS and that's all I have to work with, that's what I will run. I'm hoping most readers can look past that.

Why don't you sort your posts by location?

In my opinion, many St. Louisans have serious hang-ups about certain parts of the metro area. And because of that, they miss out on some truly exceptional properties. If you want to search by zip code or school district, there are plenty of websites that let you do that. But since STL Homes with Soul is more like a celebration of unique architecture, I generally focus on the property itself and leave the location info to the post tags.

Do you feature homes in all price ranges?

Yes, I do. I happen to be a bargain hunter myself, so I love showcasing great deals, especially at a time when so many people are on tight budgets. But if I see a neat property with a big price tag, I'll still run it. We can all dream, can't we?

Can you please write about unique houses in the Metro East?

There are some incredible properties in Southern Illinois, and I would love to write about them. Belleville's mid-century neighborhoods and Alton's historical bluff homes have always held a special place for me. But since I'm only licensed in Missouri, and I don't have full access to the Illinois MLS, for now I'm going to stick to this side of the river. But I can refer you to a good Illinois agent if you need one.

Can you help me find replacement materials for old houses?

Maybe. I don't keep an inventory of items myself, at least not to share, but I can often point you in the right direction if you're looking for vintage salvage material and old house parts. Here's a blog post that sums up my favorite local resources.

Shannon Howard

Realtor / Old House Specialist

The Howard Team • MORE Realtors • (314) 359-5927 • shannon@STLhomeswithsoul.com

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