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The Normandy School District is currently selling off a whole bunch of neat old school buildings, including Bel-Ridge Elementary, built in 1962. My husband went to kindergarten here, and if you’ve ever driven down Natural Bridge near 170, you’ve probably spotted this place too.

It’s long, lean & boxy – pretty classic for a mid-century school building. But what it really has going for it is location.

Every single day, thousands of UMSL students & staff pass by here, and many of those same people contact me on a regular basis looking for housing. Graduate students, in particular, don’t want to live in the dorms, but they don’t always want a whole house either. Which is why I think it would be a brilliant idea to convert Bel-Ridge Elementary into a loft complex!

The building has 16 classrooms similar or identical to this one, plus a number of other larger spaces like the cafeteria and gymnasium. Overall, more than 36,000 square feet are available. And let’s not forget….this is right up the street from where UMSL is about to spend $14 million to rejuvenate the Natural Bridge corridor! It’s also five minutes from Clayton.

If I were a developer, I might even do more than lofts. I might team up with one of the myriad local microbreweries and create a St. Louis version of Portland, Oregon’s Kennedy School!

If you’re not familiar with that, just know that it’s one of the coolest hotels in the world – a converted 1915 grade school where you sleep in the former classrooms, drink local beer in the former boiler room, and watch current movies on couches in the old gym.

I’d be happy to tell you all about it, and serve as your buyer’s agent as well! Just give me a call. The list price on Bel-Ridge Elementary is $615,000.

By the way, if you like the Kennedy School idea but not this North County locale, there are numerous other vintage school buildings currently for sale in St. Louis! I’d love to show you!

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  1. Now THAT’S what I call forward thinking. NoCo needs more of these kinds of ideas.

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